An android warning reveals the biggest new threat to your smartphone – Banking App

Android users are being warned about a dangerous new piece of malware that is targeting android smartphones. The MailBot malware was discovered for the first time last month, but it’s already rising up the ranks of the most dangerous threats Android and Google Pixel users are facing. A new study from security experts Check Point has revealed in the space of just one month MailBot has become the third-most widespread bug.

MaliBot focuses on stealing financial information, like e-banking credentials, crypto wallet passwords, and sensitive personal details. It is also capable of snatching two-factor authentication codes from notifications.


How to secure your mobile app

  • Keep up to date – and don’t open up holes yourself
  • Be careful of what you install
  • Uses Antivirus software such as Mcafee, Norton
  • Use VPN when using public Wi-Fi  (McAfee VPN)